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Vision Statement

Life’s Beacon Foundation, a 501(c) tax-exempt non-profit organization, is founded upon the philosophy that one person helping another is paramount to healthy spiritual growth. Through combining the human resources of the sincere recovering person, the senior citizen, the teenage/young adult, and the single, divorced, or married couple, we will bring realistic meaning and healthy purpose to a transition from despair to hope in making personal, family, and community growth a life-giving experience.

Life’s Beacon Foundation provides affordable, quality services that promote an individual to be mature and responsible in making quality life choices. The increase of a healthy self-esteem will bring value to life; and consequently, to that of family and community. Through individual and community programming, the enhancement of life will be gained for those helping themselves so that they can change and be able to utilize and hand up and not depend on a hand out.

Life’s Beacon Foundation will give understanding to those seeking a second chance in life. We will respect the dignity of each individual, no matter how low that they have fallen or what position in life that they find themselves. We are willing to work through the ups and downs of life, no situation being hopeless unless allowed to be. We support those who are serious about helping themselves improve their way of life in a positive manner. Through keeping commitments and open lines of communication, we will build character and integrity benefitting each individual and family member. Life’s Beacon Foundation will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, race, creed, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, or religion.

Life’s Beacon Foundation will strive to achieve the above goals through honest, responsible hard work, and dedication from the founding members of Life’s Beacon Foundation, its Board of Directors, and its employees and volunteers. The Life’s Beacon Foundation’s financial means will be met through caring individual tax-deductible donations, fund raisers, and help from the local business and community leaders.

About Us

Life’s Beacon Foundation financial means will be met through caring individual tax-deductible donations, fundraisers, and help from the local business, church, and community leaders. Our existence, our continued development and our growth depends largely on your very important donation. Our Board of Directors is dedicated to their efforts to ensuring that the resources available to Life’s Beacon Foundation will effectively reach the community at large. We can promise you that your support, regardless of amount, will make a difference in the life of someone seeking a second chance. We provide our services to those willing to utilize a hand up rather than depend on a hand out.