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About The Founder

Meet Robert Allen

The parable of the Prodigal Son is the story of my family and me.  As I see things, the meaning of my life is the same as the meaning of this parable, except my taking of a life.  God’s purpose for my life is the same as His purpose for the telling of the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

My calling is to convey hope where there is despair by the telling of my journey.  My journey mirrors the carelessness of the wayward son, the bitterness of the elder son, and the homecoming to the father.  My despair is evident in the squandering of my family inheritance, my health, my honor, my self-respect, and my reputation.  Stacked on top of that despair is the shirking of my duties as a father and the wrecking of a promising career.  By not surrendering completely, I fought change and took on the nature of the elder son with my being self-righteous, full of self-pity, jealousy, resentment and pride.  My behavior led to the loss of my human dignity in being responsible for the life of a human being.

As the Prodigal Son’s story ends, so does a chapter in my life.  As one chapter ends, another starts.  My journey through life continues with giving and receiving forgiveness, personal growth and healing, and dedication to helping others.  I no longer journey alone; for Christ is my Soul Brother and God is my Father.

I am grateful for not having known in advance what God was planning for me.  Life’s lessons confront me with the fact that truly accepting love, forgiveness, and healing is often much harder than giving it.  I have the opportunity to live two completely different lives in one lifetime.  I have a new vocation.  It is the vocation to speak and write from my experience about the many challenges of people’s restless lives.  I have the freedom today to be myself, and to communicate strength and hope to others in a positive healthy way.  My heart’s desire is to dedicate my life and career to the Life’s Beacon Foundation, however God may direct it.  The Holy Spirit, the grace of God, inspires this calling from deep within my being.

About Us

Life’s Beacon Foundation financial means will be met through caring individual tax-deductible donations, fundraisers, and help from the local business, church, and community leaders. Our existence, our continued development and our growth depends largely on your very important donation. Our Board of Directors is dedicated to their efforts to ensuring that the resources available to Life’s Beacon Foundation will effectively reach the community at large. We can promise you that your support, regardless of amount, will make a difference in the life of someone seeking a second chance. We provide our services to those willing to utilize a hand up rather than depend on a hand out.